Content Specialist | Experienced Social Media Manager | SEO Expert

I am competent in SEO, Email Marketing, GoogleAds and Analytics, Content Marketing and Social Media Management. I am Skillful in writing, effective in multitasking and resourceful in the completion of tasks and projects, most importantly is my enthusiasm to learn new things.

In my years of experience, I have successfully managed client accounts and relationships, sold products and services, and created platforms to engage customers and improve brand presence. In different capacities, I have managed Media Communication/Social Media pages for top brands, both indigenous and multinationals. I have excelled in handling customer complaint and inquiries via social media, especially in lead generation and conversion.

Over time in my different endeavors, I have distinguished myself as a conscientious, energetic and self-motivated person.

One of my noteworthy qualities is perhaps my ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and still produce tremendous results despite the pressure. I also find it pertinent to mention my ability to manage change adequately, people, time and events as well also my willingness to take up challenging roles.

Looking at leadership, I will offer that overtime; I have been able to develop my innovative capacity, discipline, focal strength and ability to communicate effectively both orally and in written form. Most importantly is my enthusiasm to learn new things. If your esteemed organization is searching for an intelligent and resourceful young man, with strong achievement and good business orientation, who is not satisfied with status quo; then I’m a good choice.

Web/Digital Marketing/Social Media Manager, UX UI Designer, Front End/Back end developer
Michael Owatunde: Social Media and Content Specialist in Nigeria


Leadership-Planning, forecasting, organizing. Relevant roles: (1) Led a committee of 14 to achieve a project worth 300,000 Naira within a year in 2010 at the University Students’ Fellowship (2) Currently the Coordinator of Media Unit in the Church (3) Class Captain in JSS 1&2, Janitor Prefect in JSS3, Social Prefect and the Chief-Editor of Press Club in SS3.

Proficient use of Internet and Microsoft Office™ tools (PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.)

  • Software: Peachtree, Retailman Suite, Eclipse V4.0, Finacle, Postilion, Infopool, Entrust, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop
  • Interpersonal-Assertive, Social Awareness; listening without judging, proficient verbal and nonverbal communication. Relevant roles:(1) Member of SRC in the University; represented whole of the faculty (The Social Sciences) at the school level (2) Coordinator of NYSC Band, Batch B 2012/2013. (3) Head of ‘Corpers’ Lecturer, Niger State College of Education, Minna.
  • Vocational-Event Decoration
  • Music-Multi-Instrumentalist: Saxophone, Drum-set, Conga, Keyboard and Bass and Box Guitar


  • Writing
  • Ideation
  • Presentation
  • Content Development
  • Relationship Management
  • Customer Service
  • Emotional Inteligence
  • Webbsite Development (WordPress)
  • Basic HTML and CSS skills
  • Basic Design skills (Adobe XD, Adobe photoshop)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Basic Analytics
Michael Owatunde: Social Media and Content Specialist in Nigeria


Sex: Male | Religion: Christianity | Status: Single | Height: 188cm | Weight: 76kg


Playing Chess, watching Football, playing and listening to Music, Reading and Traveling.